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But meanwhile let me tell you:

3 Things you have to know that cure cancer and nobody tells you.

You’ve just downloaded the best cancer nutrition book ever written.

Still, there are 3 things that are helping to overcome cancer and they are not mentioned in the book either.

There are 3 simple things to do that will increase your chances of overcoming cancer.

There are 3 natural things, compatible with chemo and radio.

There are 3 things that are based on scientific studies and the big pharmaceutical companies are not very happy that it is known.

However, if you prefer to leave all your healing options in the hands of doctors and pharmaceutical companies, stop reading. This is not for you.

You have to know that following medical treatments is very good.

But medical treatments are not everything.

You can do much more to overcome cancer. Doctors suffice with the information provided by pharmaceutical companies.


But you don’t.

You can’t settle for that.

Medical treatments are barely 30% of everything we can do to heal ourselves.

Imagine you had 10 tools to overcome cancer but you only use 3.

It doesn’t make sense.

I want all 10 for myself and my family.

I want to use all the tools.

A study published in the American Library of Medicine shows that 97% of cancer deaths are due to metastasis.

And metastasis is due to the mobility of cancer cells.

It’s simple, the more mobility, the greater the possibility of the tumor invading your body.

Less mobility means more time to beat cancer and more time for medical treatments to do their job.

And this is not me saying.

This is from Dr. Lee of the University of Nebraska.

And Dr. M. P. Torres says so.

And so does Professor Jerry Mc Laughlin of Purdue University.

And many more experts who have participated in these studies.

The problem is that no current medical treatment reduces the mobility of cancer cells.


Some of these treatments even increase the mobility of cancer cells.

Chemo tries to poison the bad cells, but it doesn’t reduce the mobility of cancer cells.

Radio burns the tumor but does not reduce the mobility of the cancer cells.

In an attempt by tumor cells to survive radiation, they even flee to other parts of the body.

Surgery mutilates a part of your body, but it also does not reduce the mobility of cancer cells that may remain in your body.

So if you keep reading I am going to tell you:

Too good to be true?

But all this has been studied at universities such as Purdue in the United States.

Universities in Japan, a University of Seville.


Otto Heinrich Warburg
Elizabeth Helen Blackburn


There are more and more patients confirming the efficacy of these techniques.

I’m going to show you data so you can see it with your own eyes.

But first… let’s get down to what matters

It is important to understand that the less energy the cancer cell has, the easier it is to kill it.

If the tumor is not strong, it cannot reproduce.

It can’t grow.

It can’t keep invading your body.

Makes sense, right?

Prefer to fight against a strong and well-fed army?

Or vice versa.

You prefer a weak army without energy.

I have it clear and I imagine that you do too.

The stronger the tumor, the more chemo you will need.

More radio sessions you will have to receive.

The more chemo the weaker your body becomes.

The more defenses drop.

Sores appear.


Fatigue leaves you KO for days and you can’t get out of bed.

However, when the tumor is weak, you need much less chemo or radiation.

And if you receive less chemo you will have fewer side effects.

Therefore, weakening the tumor is a very smart decision.

And weakening the tumor without attacking the healthy cells is even smarter.

Thanks to science we know that there is a natural substance that has the ability to deplete the tumor of energy.

This substance has the ability to weaken cancer cells.

The ability to attack bad cells without harming the good ones.

This substance is called Acetogenin and is found in a fruit called Graviola.


This substance is so effective that there are already laboratories that are synthetically cloning its operation.

Do you know why?

Because natural substances cannot be patented and if there is no patent there is no money.

But this is not new.

More than 47% of the current anticancer drugs on the market are derivatives or synthetic imitations of natural products

I don’t want to bore you with technical data… but if you feel like it, I’ll leave you with studies that prove what I just told you.

Studies like those of Dr. Eva M. Schmelz who, together with her colleague Shelly Hogan and the brilliant Chinese scientist Yumin Dai, show the world how graviola slowed down the growth of breast cancer cells.

Doctora Eva M. Schmelz
Shelly Hogan
Yumin Dai

Studies like this I can teach you more than 100.

With more than 100 different scientists.

And from more than 100 universities in different countries.

Studies that the pharmaceutical industry does not want to know about.

All these studies have shown that the acetogenins present in graviola:

In the first month they notice it, they feel more encouraged.

They get stronger and their attitude changes when it comes to fighting cancer.

This happens because the tumor weakens due to not receiving energy and this makes the healthy cells stronger.

This is what patients feel when they take Graviola, patients like grandma of Sergio who overcame gallbladder cancer against all odds.

She was hopeless, the doctors said it was no longer worth treating her, but her family didn’t give up.

Keep reading and below you can see the video with this story.

But there is still another natural ingredient that combined with graviola can help you overcome cancer.

If you use this element of nature you will see:

This discovery saved the life of a Jew in the time of Hitler.

Yes yes, you heard that right.

This scientist was both a Jew and a homosexual. A bad combination to live in Nazi Germany

Even so, Hitler protected him.

Hitler was very concerned about his health and this man’s discoveries about cancer were extraordinary.

So extraordinary that he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the metabolism of cancer.

This man was Otto Warburg.

And he discovered that a healthy cell becomes cancerous when it lacks oxygen.

A study led by Belgian researchers Diether Lambrechts and Bernard Thienpont, and published in the journal ‘Nature’, has shown that lack of oxygen in tumor cells contributes to the growth of cancer.

Therefore, we know that cancer does not survive in well-oxygenated media.

So it is important to bring oxygen to the cell to prevent these healthy cells from becoming cancerous and thus prevent the progression of cancer

You can achieve this by taking an OZONE supplement.

Ozone will provide oxygen to the cells and when this happens:

Smart oncologists use oxygen

Any factor that threatens the oxygen-carrying capacity of the human body promotes cancer growth. Likewise, any therapy that improves the action of oxygen strengthens the body's defenses against cancer.

Why haven't you heard anything about ozone so far?

Well, because ozone is cheap, even free, and that’s not profitable for big pharma.

Well, because ozone is cheap, even free, and that's not profitable for big pharma.

8 years ago I met with the director of oncology at one of the best clinics in the world.

With one of the best cancer recovery rates in the world.

It is a private clinic.

It’s expensive.

It’s very expensive.

Well, the director of the clinic confessed to me that his survival statistics increased significantly starting in 2014.

Before this year the average results of patients who survived cancer were 50%.

Treatments such as chemo, radio, surgeries and immunotherapy were being used.

But what made cancer recovery rates increase as of 2014 was the use of ozone combined with medical treatments.

Today this clinic has more than 80% survivors, a very encouraging figure.

Therefore, imagine what would happen if you start taking graviola and ozone

And all this added to the benefits of ozone

And I tell you one thing…

I don’t want to be misunderstood.

Taking Graviola and ozone is not a panacea.

It is not a miracle that automatically cures cancer.

What is true is that it multiplies by three the chances of overcoming cancer.

Look at this news published in the financial newspaper.

Now you have two options to get graviola and ozone:

The difficult option is to search on your own for graviola supplements and ozone supplements that have the quality and dosage necessary to fight cancer.

Or the easiest, fastest and simplest way to take:

What is buying a supplement called Graviola Prozono

Graviola Prozono is a liquid supplement.

Take a 40 ml shot a day and you already have the amount of graviola and ozone you need.

It’s that easy.

Each bottle lasts 25 days and once you open it you must keep it in the fridge.

As you can see, everything is very easy, 40 ml a day and that’s it.

You should take it until you are cancer free.

It is a natural supplement, without side effects and compatible with all medical treatments.

It works for any type of tumor.

I warn you. There are people who find this supplement expensive, this is not for everyone.

The price is 51 Euros and as I told you before, it lasts almost a month.

They are usually people who have not tried the product.

People change their minds when they start to notice more energy.

But especially when tumor markers start to drop.

This price will not last forever.

This product is subsidized by the association PULSOALCANCER.COM hence this price.

When Pulso al Cáncer stops subsidizing this product, the price of Graviola Prozono will go to 67 Euros.

It will no longer cost 51 Euros.

There are many people who are overcoming cancer.

More and more.

And more and more people are combining their medical treatments with complementary therapies.

Don’t settle for just one tool.

Don’t settle for just one weapon.

Don’t settle for just one opinion.

Don’t settle for just one type of knowledge.

Use everything at your disposal to end this disease.

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PS: Remember that this price will not last forever. It may even be that while you are reading this it has already changed.